Protect Your Company's Technology Investment

Providing the latest technology to your employees can help your business get ahead and bring more dollars to the bottom line. Unfortunately, accidents happen and having our corporate technology protection plan can be the difference between keeping the dollars on the bottom line or losing them. 1 in 5 employees typically have a loss or damage occurrence. Don't wait until it's too late to protect your company assets. Insure your smart phones, tablets, iPads, or computers today and save tomorrow.

1 out of 5 employees will experience at Least one incident of theft or damage

Corporate Coverage Includes

Personalized Online Portal

Smart Tech provides all of our clients with a personalized online portal. Our client portal makes it easy for you to view or make changes to your account online at anytime. Plus, see the real time status of your claims at any time with our easy online claim tracking.


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All Trademarks are the property of their respective owners, who are not affiliated with Smart Tech and do not endorse it's products and services.This SA is not an insurance policy nor is it an extended warranty. In the case of either a repaired or replaced covered product, we do not indemnify or reimburse you, nor do we provide any service free of charge. We will either repair or replace your covered product at a discounted rate, which in both cases you will pay us a fee outlined in the SA.