1 in 5 School Issued devices

Are Damaged, Lost, or Stolen

We Are a Leading Provider in School Device Coverage and Repairs






Coverage includes

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Whether you are putting thousands of devices in the hands of students over a entire district or only few hundred devices for a small private school, the reality is the same: kids are prone to accidents. Sometimes it's dropping an ipad off the desk, spilling their juice on their Chromebook, or leaving their laptop at a bus stop. These scenario's can become a heavy burden on a schools and parents budget.


Making Smart Tech your trusted device protection partner, will relieve you, your school, and your student's parents; of the financial burden and stress a broken device can bring!

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Choose from three flexible 

coverage options

School Purchase Coverage

Ensure that you don't have any risky surprises in your budget at the end of the year! All of the students devices are covered so your school doesn't have to stress about taking on any additional costs.

Program Benefits 

  • Ensure Every Device is Covered 

  • No Surprises or Risk! Know Your Budget

  • Fast Turnaround Time on Repairs

Parent Purchase Coverage

Transfers responsibility for the devices to the students and parents, with this flexible option. This program is easy to launch and will reduce the school budget while giving your student's parents peace of mind.

Program Benefits 

  • Reduce School Budget

  • Fast to Set Up & Easy to Launch

  • Reduces School Administrative Work

Repair Only

Not looking for full device protection right now? You can still get the same great service, benefits, and discounted rates with our repair only coverage. We will be here when you need us!

Program Benefits 

  • Quality Repairs & Competitive Pricing

  • Faculty Discount Programs

  • Fast Turnaround Time on Repairs

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All Trademarks are the property of their respective owners, who are not affiliated with Smart Tech and do not endorse its products and services.This SA is not an insurance policy nor is it an extended warranty. In the case of either a repaired or replaced Covered Product, We do not indemnify or reimburse You, nor do We provide any service free of charge. We will either repair or replace Your Covered Product at a discounted rate, which in both cases you will pay Us a fee outlined in this SA.