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$12.99 monthly
$15.99  monthly for All Pro Versions
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Unlimited Claims
Loss / Theft Coverage
Risk Free! Cancel at anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fête, and how do you pronounce it?

From French origin, a fête is a celebration or a party. Pronounced like “fate”. Since it means celebration and sounds like “fate”, having a Fête Booth at your party is essential, right? We think so.

Does the photo booth require power?

Yes, the photo booth does require a single standard electrical outlet.

Do we need wifi?

Yes. However, if your venue does not offer wifi, we can provide a mobile hotspot or cellular data enabled kiosk upon request. Additional fees may apply.

How much space do we need?

It is best to set aside about 6-8′ sq. space. However, you can get by with less. The booth footprint is about 2′ x 2′. It can be placed in a corner or up against a wall, facing out to the room. If you are using your own backdrop, we recommend placing the booth 4′ to 6′ away from the backdrop. The booth will need to be positioned within 10′ of a power outlet.

What about a backdrop?

We love using a lively party, a gorgeous landscape or your dressed up venue as the backdrop. We also have gorgeous backdrops available at an additional cost. When booking online, you will be given the option to choose one of our backdrops.

Do you provide props?

We think you can be creative without props! Set the booth up right next to the bar or the dance floor, and your guests won’t be able to get enough. For an unforgettable experience, bring some tissue paper confetti. Your guests will have a ball watching themselves shimmy and shake the night away, and you’ll have it all on camera! If your heart is set on props, let us know and we can put together a fun assortment especially for you. Addional cost may apply.

Does your booth provide printed photos?

Fête Booth Classic does not offer prints but digital files are easily shared. Your guests will be able to email or text their photos to themselves to share online. The photos will also be accessible from an online gallery. We will share the gallery link with you so that you can share it with your friends and guests. Fête Booth Premier does offer instant prints on-site. The Premier kiosk comes with a separate self-service sharing and printing station. It also offers GIFs and boomerangs like Fête Booth Classic. Your guests can also send their images and videos to themselves via email or text message.

Is there an additional cost for a custom overlay?

One custom designed overlay is included with the cost of the booth. We can also create animated overlays or multiple overlays for your event. Please inquire for additional details and costs.

Do I have to provide artwork for the overlay border?

One custom designed overlay is included with the cost of the booth. Please provide us with a high resolution company/event logo or a sample of your wedding or event invitation so we can create a coordinating overlay. If you have any artwork requests, just let us know and our on-staff designer will work with you.

What file format should I send my logo in?

We prefer a vector (.eps or .ai) file. High resolution transparent .png files also work great. If you don’t have either of those available, send us your best quality logos and our on-staff designer may be able to work some magic!

How does delivery/setup work?

We will contact you about your event timeline so we can schedule a time to deliver and set up the photo booth at your secure event location. If we are setting up at a rented venue, and you will not be on-site, you must confirm with your venue that one of their representatives will be there to open the doors at our scheduled delivery time.

When will you pick up the photo booth?

We will work with you in regards to your event timeline and scheduled event conclusion time. We prefer to pickup by 11pm but can work with you in regards to your timeline.

What is included with a backdrop upgrade?

You will receive the backdrop you selected on your booking as well as the frame for hanging. We will setup the backdrop for you at the venue when we setup the booth.


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