iPhone 11 Rumors and Leaks

For many Apple aficionados, the release of a new iPhone is an exciting time. The most intriguing period is perhaps before release when rumors and leaks heighten the suspense. Consumers can expect to see three iPhones debut in September, so here’s a look at the most notable information that has trickled out thus far.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing that jumps out to make one of the new phones an immediate must-buy. You may want to wait another year before upgrading. That generation of phones may actually feature folding designs.

The Names

What should you call the new phones coming out in September? For now, rumor is that they’re codenamed N104 (iPhone XR2), D43 (iPhone 11) and D44 (iPhone 11 Max). No decisions have been made on final names.

Some Firsts

At least two of the new phones are expected to feature the following:

  • iOS 13, with a dark mode

  • USB-C (although some people say nope, the phones are sticking with the proprietary Lightning connector)

  • Triple camera systems

These features will be the first on iPhones. Consumers can also expect two new iPhone colors, green and lavender purple. Apple is expected to jettison the coral and blue finishes.

The “Bad” News

There doesn’t seem to be much to write home about concerning the appearance and design of the phones. They will apparently be nearly identical to the two-year-old iPhones except for the hump where the rear cameras are to be kept. The hump kind of resembles a Lego—nothing sleek and stylish about the design.

Another small difference is that the iPhone11 and iPhone 11 Max may be just a tiny bit thicker—half a millimeter. That could mean bigger batteries and a longer battery life, though.

Specs and More

It seems that the phones will have the A13 processor. The building of the processors should be more streamlined than ever before, thanks to extreme ultraviolet lithography. EUV is said to lower costs and make the process simpler. The A13 processor should make the phones noticeably more powerful than the current ones that feature A12 chipsets.

The XR2 may have the same 6.1-inch screen as its predecessor but be slightly thinner (7.8 mm thick versus 8.3 mm). The iPhone 11 seems set to keep the 5.8-inch screen and measure 143.9 by 71.4 by 7.8 millimeters. The front of the phone should have notches and bezels that are slightly smaller. A single piece of glass will be used to make the back of the phone.

The phones’ antennas should see an upgrade, meaning better indoor navigation and better reception. Current iPhones XS and XR use liquid crystal polymer, while the phones debuting in September are expected to have modified-PI (MPI). This move should also decrease costs for Apple and streamline production.

Reverse wireless charging may be possible with the new phones, and the batteries on two phones are expected to be significantly bigger (the XR2 is the odd phone out, with battery size expanding by no more than 5%). The new Max battery may be as much as 15% bigger, while the iPhone 11 battery may be 20% to 25% larger.


There’s no information on pricing yet. However, if you decide to get a new iPhone, a protection plan is a good way to protect your investment. Check out our FAQ page here.


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